Don’t Read This

I must admit; I am very influenced by other people. It’s not that I care what they think, but I am quite a malleable person – if someone tells me about a good song, website, artist, game, show, etc. I often go check it out and end up incorporating it into my daily life.

Now, that sounds like a pretty normal thing to do – many of us exchange ideas with our friends. But I feel like I go to extremes; almost everything I listen to or watch reminds me of someone, because I usually didn’t come up with it myself. I am very willing to be moulded. All together it results in something quite unique – I’m quite far from being mainstream. But sometimes it just….bothers me.

And I recently discovered that a lot of the things I do, I did so I could have something in common with a certain someone…often someone I was/is attracted to. I played Pokemon a tonย over the summer, and I told myself it was fun, yet before may I thought it was the stupidest thing on earth. “My tastes have just changed,”ย I told myself. But no – I think I did it because of the guy I was dating at the time. He’s a total nerd, and loves Pokemon, and I subconsciously integrated this thing into my life that, after we broke up, I realised I don’t even like.

Yet I was playing it again today in Latin because our teacher is gone, and as I look at the DS in my backpack now I realise that I was doing it again, without even thinking – said guy and I have started talking again. Out came the game. I didn’t even notice the two things were connected until now.

And the song I’m listening to now…it’s an artist that a guy I met and really clicked with in South Africa recommended to me. Now, I actually ended up really liking Sick Puppies, but it irritates me that I’m so damnย malleable.


Really needed to get that off my chest. If you read to here I admire and thank you, and also am a bit worried about you.

~A Girl Who Likes to Think She’s Different



13 thoughts on “Don’t Read This

  1. Most people pay no attention to creating an attention-grabbing title. You scored a hit with this one. How can anyone not read a piece entitled, “Don’t Read This?” Good ending as well. Well done. Judy

    1. Thank you! At first I really put it there to indicate that it was a pretty lame post, but I realised afterwards that it could be quite effective. I’m glad you thought so – headlines can be so important.
      Thanks Judy xx

  2. Haha. Pokemon used to be cool. But if you really get into it when you realize how much time you wasted. Haha! Also sick puppies their a decent band. Although I find them to be pretty cheesy though.

    1. Exactlyyy I was surprised when I looked at the time log on the game and saw so many hours. I mean, I could have been sleeping!
      And you’re right, Sick Puppies aren’t the most unique of bands but a lot of their lyrics are pretty relatable and the music is decent. They’re a good break inbetween the heavier stuff

  3. Haha please don’t be worried about me! I love reading your writing. You have a great voice that comes across! And I too love the Sick Puppies.. well I wouldn’t say love.. but I used to love them in High School ๐Ÿ™‚

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