- my poetry · 1) EVERYTHING


I’m not very okay
I’m very not okay
And it’s okay to be that way
But not every day
Yet I find myself say
I’ll be okay.”

© Vicky Morrison 2013-2014


9 thoughts on “o.k.

        1. I shall remember that.
          And I’m good! I stopped using it for a while, but I’ve gotten back into it. I don’t know if you heard – there was a bit of drama but it’s all blown over.
          How are you?

            1. Long story short, Honza tried to move Opuss over onto his site and everyone got angry so he left it.
              College seems equal parts terrifying and wonderful… And a lot of work, apparently haha. That sucks about the paper…it is boring? I’m sure you’ll get an A

              1. Oh jeez..wait so he left opuss completely or he just stopped pushing everyone to move to his site? Yup..aren’t u in college? No it’s about women and their sexual freedom it’s interesting but I don’t think I’ll get an a lol thanks for the confidence tho x

                1. He stayed with Opuss, and decided to leave our app and his site separate.
                  Ugh I wish I was in college. I’m still a junior – two more years. And ooo that does sound pretty interesting

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