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If I Wrote You a Poem…

…Would you pretend to care?
If I sang you a song
Would it melt into air?

If I begged on my knees
Would you just walk away?
If I gazed in your eyes
Would so icy they stay?

If I told you remember
Would you just forget?
If we passed on the street
Would you say we’d not met?

If I gave you my heart
Would you just let it die?
If I wept for you, dear
Would you leave me to cry?

If I walked out right now
Would you even be blue?
If I told you I loved
Would you know that it’s you?

ยฉ Vicky Morrison 2013-2014

*Check out the stories behind the poems here*ย 


5 thoughts on “If I Wrote You a Poem…

        1. That really means a lot.

          And your site looks pretty cool, I’ll definitely go check it out more when I get a chance

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