- my poetry · 1) EVERYTHING


Fried eggs on the stove to cook

And coffee in my cup

But food just seems so trivial

I think I might throw up

Ahhhhhhhh I’m taking the ACT and I haven’t revised at all and this is stressful


9 thoughts on “ACT

    1. Well it’s not technically required or anything (even though you need it to get into most colleges) and it costs money so it’s not really a school thing. They did have it at our school though, so everyone from the other high schools in the town came and took it at our school.

        1. Do you guys not have that? How do colleges decide who to let in?
          And it was already! I totally killed the English section and had 10 minutes to spare. I didn’t even finish all the math though Dx evil numbers (60 questions in 60 mintues.) Reading was okay, and “Science” was basically glorified graph reading…so it was alright XD you can take it as many times as you want, but it’s only every two months or something and costs about $60

          1. Oh gosh!

            Well done – congrats on doing it!
            Here we just have GCSE exams, and then A Levels and UCAS and so on. Then comes university. ๐Ÿ™‚

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