So, my Biology teacher has this marvelous policy that we can either turn in each of our reading guides the day that they’re due, or turn them all in on the day of the test. For full credit. No inbetween days, only those two options.

It’s fantastic – I can do my homework whenever I want to, so long as it’s all done before test day. With two other AP classes this helps my spread out my workload a lot. She did suggest that we turn them in on the due dates so she can grade them and give them back to study, but come on. I know they’re right – I copied all this shit straight out of the textbook. I’ll just study it until test day anyway.

But OF COURSE some stupid girls in my class complained about the policy and now she’s going to alter it, I’m not sure how. Seriously? You can literally not do homework for three weeks and you’re going to oppose that system? What on God’s green earth is the matter with you?

I’m coming for you, girl in the front row. I will get you.

Thank you for reading my rant.

~A Girl Who Likes to Think She’s Different


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