- my poetry · 1) EVERYTHING


She snuggles up to you there on the couch
Your own little girl, though she’s fifteen now
You stroke her hair as you watch her blue eyes
Tinted green-grey, and brimming with lies
But she makes sure you don’t realise the pain
Which plagues her small world with its unending rain
That her whole heart hangs on the phone in her lap
And the blonde, handsome guy with a baseball cap
She knows you don’t know of the cuts up her arm
How both tender wrists have been scarred by self-harm
That all of her friends reside right down the hall
A razor, a notebook, a cat, a football
This princess, so dear and so perfect to you
So innocent, from your love-tainted view 
She’s breaking, both on the inside and out
But her parents won’t see any teardrops or doubt 
She just cuddles closer; you tickle her chin 
“I love you Daddy,” whispered with a grin
And your searching gaze flickers over each eye
So sure that she never has told you a lie
© Vicky Morrison 2013-2014

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