Who Knows About Your Blog? (QOTD)

Hallo fellow bloggers! (Is “hallo” a British thing? I said it cause it’s Afrikaans and I like to pretend that I actually know more than 10 words from the language I’d be fluent in if I hadn’t emigrated 11 years ago. But maybe it’s British too. Sorry).


I have a question. Also, I might make questions to y’all a daily thing, because I like finding stuff out. So….

Q. Who knows about your blog? Are your family, your friends, your colleagues, your schoolmates, aware that you have your own little world, consisting of anywhere from 20 to 20,000 people? If not, why?

My answer (if you care): No one. Actually, I take that back. My cousin knows, because I wanted to put a picture of him up and thought I should ask his permission first. But he is sworn to secrecy. I think my family is/was vaguely aware I have/had a WordPress, but I’m pretty sure I gave them the impression that I took everything from it down or deleted it. Which is good.

I like to have my own place, besides a diary, to express myself without having to worry about every other person interrogating or hassling me about everything I say. Even if no one read it I’d be grateful for my blog because I feel like I can just get all these things in my brain out there, somewhere. Because sometimes it’s almost physically painful to keep all that stuff contained. My brain is basically a fireworks show of information, ranging from stupid trivia to the all-important ACT I take next week to the meaning of life. 

Actually, two nights ago I found this “diagram” of my brain I drew last year in math (because what else is that class good for?).


I was really stressed, okay? But I feel like that’s a pretty accurate representation. It’s how I’m feeling right now about everything.

Yearbook/Piano/Boys/my weight/Soccer/God/Existentialism/College/ACTs/SATs/This Blog/Poetry/Writing in general/my grades/English annotations/my chores/Family/and …



All my history that’s due tomorrow. 

Guess I’ll be up all night.

Tootsiens, my lovelies (and I know that’s not British).

~A Girl Who Likes to Think Her History Homework Doesn’t Exist



13 thoughts on “Who Knows About Your Blog? (QOTD)

  1. The only people in rl who know about my blog are my nuclear family and my best mate. I wouldn’t mind other people knowing it exists, but I probably wouldn’t give them the URL. Anyway, I doubt they’d be interested. But I’d it hate if my mum’s friends started reading my blog… xx

  2. Only two fiends have the URL for my blog 🙂 it can get pretty personal, so I’d like to keep it that way (just them knowing)

  3. Only my ex gf knows about my blog. I hope it stays that way. The point of my blog is to write about things that happen to me during the course of my life. I don’t want them knowing everything about me…

    1. Exactly! And it would be difficult if you wanted to relate an experience that involved a friend who was following your blog

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