Just…yes :)

Oh, my, today is fabulous. When I crashed last night at 3am, I expected to wake up to the shittiest 12 hours imaginable. BUT
I spent the day for the first time in a long time without this heavy, pressing, anger and stress inside of me. I didn’t want to punch anyone any walls and I didn’t feel like every person within 3 feet of me was a hazard.

I wasn’t late this morning, had fun at our pep rally, didn’t kill any kids in yearbook, got an A on my math homework, decided to go to the football game tomorrow, he talked to me in History, managed to converse civilly with my ex, decided to be 2nd VP and run the newsletter for our Latin Club, made friends with my lab partners in Bio, and finally gave up doing something that frustrates me endlessly.
Thennnn, when I got home, he and I had an awesome slightly flirty text convo
And to top it all off ….
We are about to watch a fantastic performance of The Phantom of the Opera. I am giddy with excitement.
God is smiling on me today.
I’m sorry you had to wallow through all of that, but I’m very bubbly and the bubbles were overflowing my brain.

~A Girl Who Likes to Think She’s Different


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