Ugh. Math and Science make my insides want to fold in upon each other, shrivel up, and die.

As I write this lab report over pipe cleaners (okay, so they represent worms, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re pipe cleaners), and try to figure out what percent hypothetically should have been eaten and blah, blah, BLAH, all I want to do is send it up in flames and write a poem about how beautiful the fire is (for more reasons than one).

Really, History, English, and Latin should be hour-and-a-half-long classes with breaks in between for naps and not a hint of Pre-Calculus or Trigonometry or Biology anywhere on campus.

If anyone wants to pop over and finish my homework for me that would be totally cool. Like, I wouldn’t even wonder why you were climbing through my window at  21:00. 

Anyway. Back to the pipe cleaners.

~A Girl Who Likes to Think She’s Different (and therefore shouldn’t have to participate in the study of anything she doesn’t wish to)



I can’t decide whether null hypotheses are very clever or very pathetic…”I can’t prove my hypothesis but I will disprove the very general statement which opposes it and in that very round about manner be correct. Ha.”

I just don’t know


7 thoughts on “

    1. I love English, but sometimes I think I’m too good at it and there I meet my downfall.
      And the good thing about the world today is that it’s getting easier to find people who will edit via the web for you if it’s a serious piece

    1. Exactlyyyy. People who have zero interest in pursuing the sciences or math shouldn’t have to be subjected to those classes. I know that’s not healthy though

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