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“But I crumble completely when you cry…”


Not a huge Arctic Monkeys fan, but I love this song, and especially these lyrics. They just…I don’t know. I feel something in a place I didn’t even know existed when he sings them them. Maybe because to hear them would just be thrilling to me…not necessarily happy-thrilling, but you-feel-it-everywhere thrilling. I know you know what I mean. 

But finding myself wanting someone to say something like that to me is surprising. I was planning on going into junior year very focused and crush-free, yet there are three guys I … like? Maybe I don’t really like them, maybe I’ve just been feeling lately that I want someone who isn’t my mom or best friend to just hug me and say it’s all okay. I don’t know why it isn’t okay, but it isn’t. And don’t ask what “it” is, because I don’t know that either. 


A post enumerating and describing these three guys will follow later. I decided to leave it out of this post cause I was getting really pissed off at one of them just writing it. So I should probably take a break before I hurl my monitor out of the window.


~A Girl Who Likes to Think She’s Different


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