Sorry, Avril

“Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your blog post…”

(if you didn’t sing that to the tune of Girlfriend, you’re lying)

…. but that doesn’t mean I am entitled to be a complete ass with the sole reason of ruining your day because I disagree with something you said! There is a difference between employing free speech and being a cow, and even though no one’s been horrendously mean to me (let’s face it, no one cares enough for that), I constantly see barrages of negative words from adults on peoples’ blogs who are, like, thirteen.

Okay, I know thirteen-year-olds can be, well, y’know, but does that really justify you tearing them down so you can raise yourself a point or two on the immaturity scale? If you don’t like it, say so constructively, and then do these very simple things

  1. Stop reading
  2. Unfollow

Don’t keep looking at their posts day after day for the sole …pleasure?… of making someone feel like shit about themselves, because that’s never an okay thing to do to anyone (well maybe Hitler but you know what I mean).

Not that this is probably aimed at anyone who follows me. I just thought I’d put it out there.


~A Teenage Girl Who Likes to Think She’s Different




One thought on “Sorry, Avril

  1. Boom! Well said! (Also, I sung girlfriend in my head >.< )
    You're SO right. There's no need to be nasty at all. Come on peeps, show some love!

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