Perception & Perspective

Yes, I spend a lot of time studying and doing well at school and generally appearing to have my life together. But I also spend a lot of time eating more than I should, writing empty words, carving lines into my wrists, crying about absolutely nothing, wishing for impossible occurrences, berating my self for every… Continue reading Perception & Perspective

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The Liebster Award

I would like to thank Karen for nominating me for the Liebster Award (see here to find out more about it). This is an award given “to bloggers by other bloggers” – liebster can mean dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart etc.  (Most of y’all probably know that, but I haven’t been blogging for… Continue reading The Liebster Award

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The List

Today, I took some random personality quiz, for fun. Then I read my result…and all of the others as well. Lo and behold, a piece of each of them applied me in part, and none of them were on point – they often contained some quality that was radically different from how I knew I was. Isn’t that how these things always are? So I decided to compile my own list of characteristics.

I grabbed a blue marker, a nearby piece of graph paper, and began scribbling (in my atrocious cursive) what I saw in myself. The thing is, it came out more as all the things I knew were wrong with me, with my personality. I was a bit disappointed at first, but as I read down the list, I realised many of them were selfish things I could change, or diminish, and that I probably frustrated people with needlessly. Many say you need to love yourself, but I think the first step towards doing that is knowing who you are. It was refreshing to watch these things appear on paper and accept them as part of who I was in that moment, to remember all the times I had felt so disgustingly self-righteous, and know that I’m capable of being ten times the person I am. I don’t know what I am trying to tell you here, but I must say that if you are ever feeling too pleased with yourself, sit down and make the list. It’s a bit sobering.

Now, I can make excuses for all these things, argue that I’m not really like that…but since I’ve recognised these qualities in myself, I quite obviously am.

I’m going to leave the list right here for you to look at if you so desire.

  1. I indirectly seek attention too much sometimes
  2. I always want to be liked by strangers, even though I say I don’t care what people think of me
  3. I am horribly indecisive
  4. I can be too sarcastic…with the intention of hurting others sometimes
  5. I complain an awful lot
  6. I am apparently quite passive aggressive
  7. I am not always as loyal to my friends as I should be
  8. I procrastinate to a degree of ridiculousness
  9. I don’t always get done what I say I will
  10. I am good at giving up on things
  11. I see the bad in people before I see the good
  12. I indirectly brag often
  13. I get unreasonably jealous
  14. I go from happy to irritated to a degree of almost bipolar-ness, which is unfair to anyone in my presence
  15. I am very quiet, yet sometimes I think before I speak and spend the rest of the day berating myself for it

Anddd a million other things I’ll probably add later. But I think you get my point

~The Girl Who Likes to Think She’s Different

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“But I crumble completely when you cry…”   Not a huge Arctic Monkeys fan, but I love this song, and especially these lyrics. They just…I don’t know. I feel something in a place I didn’t even know existed when he sings them them. Maybe because to hear them would just be thrilling to me…not necessarily… Continue reading

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