A Wondering Girl with some Questions

To anyone who happens to read this…I know exactly nothing about blogging, about sharing my words with strangers in the wide world that is the internet. I do know that I sometimes have things to say that I can’t always keep to myself, and these things sometimes come out in the form of poetry, sometimes in, well, rants. I figured that if I’m going to bother to write any of it out, I might as well put it somewhere that a few interested people could glance at it if they so choose. But as I said, I am very unfamiliar with how these things work: what do people want to read? Is it strange to post both poetry and random, strung out, thoughts, periodically? How much of what I feel, or of my own life, is acceptable and interesting to share here? What do you find irritating? I don’t even know what the basic etiquette of blogging and such is.

If you are able to answer any of these ramblings, or to tell me what’s interesting to you people…I would be eternally grateful to your face.

~A Teenager Who Likes to Think She’s Different


2 thoughts on “A Wondering Girl with some Questions

  1. What people like to hear is the truth-
    As you perceive it.
    They want to see the hope of youth-
    And through you receive it.
    Perhaps what they want to hear-
    Is not as important-
    As what they need to hear.
    The truth about themselves-
    Their deepest fears-
    Reflected through the words on a page.
    After all, the best books, are the ones –
    That reflect the person we want to be-
    The person we think we should be-
    Or the person who fear we are.

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