I know there are enough rants out there about how fatally screwed up society is…and it’s so true. So I’m going to make my addition to it short. 

The one thing that frustrates me the most is that “perfection” is made achievable. Every single person in this world should know perfectly well that no one ever has been, or will be, perfect. Yet they strive for this image of a person who is so flawless they are nearly inhuman, so skinny, so gorgeous, so talented, that we all should make it our only goal to be just as they are. And even those of us who deny that our perceptions of beauty are untainted, have at least a small piece of us yearning to simply be attractive in the way society wants us to be. I find myself judging people by guidelines I never could have devised in my head when I shouldn’t be judging them in any way at all. It is truly disgusting.

But at least I recognise the horror of it…I pray that someday, every mindless, spineless, half-dead, high schooler I see trail around my school can one day do the same. But I’m losing hope for them.

~A Teenager Who Likes to Think She’s Different


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