My Drivers Ed Frustrations

Well, I’m a teenager. What does that involve? Boyfriends, high school, too much homework, and…. driving! Exciting, right? Yes, I was also under that impression -_- I thought to myself “Well, I’ll just sign up for the online course, blast through it, take the test, and get my license!” Apparently not.

The signing up bit was alright; mail in an affidavit, choose a company, punch in your info, and there you have it. Then came the actual learning. First of all, you have to spend 30 hours total just reading and reviewing, which is reasonable… until they decide to put a one hour limit on every single page. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I doesn’t it take me (or any other 15 year old out there), to read through a few paragraphs. I’m insulted, honestly.

After I got over my anger at that, they pushed it a little further with a nice little video. I pressed play, expecting to be taught some useful parking technique, but no – it was a dumb blonde (sorry if you possess that hair colour, I know you’re not all like that), speaking like a grade-schooler, driving over a traffic cone because she was too stupid to stop in front of it. Talk about condescending and pathetic.

The last straw really is the content of the text, though:

A) Yes, we are aware that green is go and red is stop. My three year old cousin knows that

B) We also know that road-works signs are orange and stop signs are octagons. Is this tailored to people who have been living under rocks their whole lives?!

C) These sentences…

1) “Some people never take the time to learn these rules, so you’ve got to be careful. Sometimes, even if you have the right-of-way, someone may try to take it from you. They’re wrong, and you’re right, but that doesn’t mean you should try to take the right-of- way back.” Umm, thanks for the life lesson, but that was really a bit over the top.

2) “Dirt roads have the same laws and regulations as normal roads. Dirt roads are may be obscured by plants, a bend in the road, or a cow“….are you trying to be funny or something? (and yes, the ‘are may’ bit is their error, not mine)

3) “Railroad crossing aren’t traditional intersections in the sense that cars are crossing each others’ paths – here, you’re dealing with trains.” :O Whoa. Epiphany. I had no idea.

So here I am, halfway through this course, and already losing my mind. I think that I’m going to be too frazzled by the end of this to know what colour and shape a stop sign really is…maybe it’s a good thing they’re teaching me that.


3 thoughts on “My Drivers Ed Frustrations

  1. lol, this is so hilarious! I took that course too, but what I did, was have netflix pulled up, so every time I finished reading, I’d hit play on whatever I was watching. Then, when the timer ran out, I’d pause it, and continue reading, etc, etc, etc. It was kind of funny, actually. My little sister would come in. “What are you doing?” “Driver’s Ed,” I’d reply. “Um, it looks like you’re watching netflix.” “Yep.”

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